General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Sharee Mobility Kft.

  1. Definitions
    1. Employer:The legal entity in a contractual relationship with the Service Provider that utilizes the service for its employees.
    2. Employee:The natural person who is employed by the Employer and who utilizes the service provided by the Service Provider.
    3. Cafeteria framework:The amount provided by the Employer that can be used by the employee for services offered by the Service Provider.
    4. Platform: The online interface operated by the Service Provider where the service can be utilized.
  2. Description and Utilization of the ServiceThe service enables employees to avail of various transportation services on the expense of the cafeteria framework provided by the employer. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the integrated service providers and the services they offer. Employees can purchase Sharee Coupons, which are redeemable within 30 days and usable for 1 year after redemption unless the individual service provider’s own Terms and Conditions provide otherwise.
  3. Transfer of Coupons and Framework AmountIf employees do not use the allocated framework amount for a given year, they have the option to transfer the remaining amount to the next year with a 15% administrative fee (minimum 300 HUF). The transferred amounts are credited in the form of new Sharee Coupons.
  4. Employee Discount ProgramThe Service Provider endeavors to inform employees about employee discount programs. To avail of the discounts and learn the details, employees must contact customer service. The utilization of discounts is possible when the criteria specified in the individual service provider’s own Terms and Conditions are met.
  5. Data ProtectionThe Service Provider is committed to data protection and aligns its data management practices with the provisions of the GDPR. Detailed rules of data protection and the scope of managed data are contained in the Data Processing Information (GDPR) - Privacy Policy. The Service Provider undertakes to treat personal data privacy confidentially and use them only for the purpose of providing the service.
  6. Modification and Termination of the ContractThe Service Provider reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Employees are obliged to comply with the modifications after their effective date. If an employee or employer does not accept the changes to the Terms and Conditions, they have the right to terminate the contract.
  7. Limitation of LiabilityThe Service Provider is not responsible for the quality of services availed of through the Platform; the providers are responsible for that. The Service Provider excludes liability for any damages arising from the improper use of the service.
  8. Final ProvisionsThese Terms and Conditions are subject to Hungarian law. If any part of the contract is found to be invalid, it does not affect the validity of the rest of the contract. For other issues not regulated here, the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code apply.
  9. Liability IssuesThe Service Provider’s liability is limited to direct damages incurred during the provision of the service, for which it is only responsible if they arise from the Service Provider’s negligence. The Service Provider is not responsible for the quality or reliability of services availed by employees; the providers are solely responsible. The Service Provider is not liable for damages that result from the failure to use the service properly or user ignorance.
  10. Copyright Issues Related to the Use of Sharee PlatformsAll content provided by the Service Provider, including the website, mobile application, and other interfaces, is protected by copyright. Users are required to respect copyright laws and may not engage in any illegal copying, distribution, or other unauthorized activities. All graphics, texts, and other content on the interfaces are the property of the Service Provider. 10. Miscellaneous Provisions The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. Users must be notified in advance of the modifications. For other issues not regulated in these Terms and Conditions, Hungarian law shall prevail, with particular regard to the Civil Code and applicable consumer protection regulations.
  11. Complaint Handling, Enforcement of Rights, Dispute ResolutionUsers can submit their complaints to the Service Provider’s customer service address. The Service Provider is obliged to handle complaints with appropriate seriousness and act within a reasonable time. A detailed description of the complaint procedures can be found on the Service Provider's website. If a dispute between the parties cannot be resolved out of court, the parties acknowledge the jurisdiction of the Hungarian courts.

Data Processing Information (GDPR) - Privacy Policy

Sharee Mobility Kft.

General Provisions
Sharee Mobility Ltd. (headquarters: 1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly street 9., hereinafter referred to as "Sharee", "we", or any conjugated form of "we") as a data controller is committed to the protection and respect of your data. The purpose of this policy (hereinafter referred to as "Data Management Policy") is to demonstrate how we collect, use, and/or transfer the information you provide through the website and/or our mobile applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Platforms").
What data do we collect from you, and for how long do we use these data?
We may collect and process the following data in relation to you:
The range of information you provide
While using our Platforms, you can provide us with information suitable for establishing your identity (hereinafter: "Personal Data Privacy"), including filling out forms found on the Platforms (such as the registration form), applying for competitions, promotions and/or surveys (for example, public opinion surveys) advertised by us, contacting us via phone, email message, or other channels, and reporting problems you have noticed related to the use of our Platforms.
The information you provide may include, in some cases, the following:
Information that must be provided for registration and/or access to other services offered by us through the Platforms, including your name, email address, date of birth, and if you create an account, your password. These fields are mandatory to fill in. Without providing the mandatory information, Sharee may not be able to provide you with the services offered through our Platforms, or in some cases, you may not be able to register a user account on our Platforms; Notes of any verbal or written communication that took place between you and Sharee; your telephone conversations with Sharee (e.g., with our customer relations service staff) may be recorded and/or listened to. At the beginning of the phone call, we give you the opportunity to object to such data processing; Records related to reservations and/or advertised journeys made through us or our Platforms; Details related to accounting and/or financial transactions, including transactions carried out through our Platforms or other channels. In some cases, this may include details related to the bank card and/or bank account used for payment, as well as data on journeys or segments of journeys booked or offered by you through our Platforms;
Details of your visits to our Platforms and the resources you have accessed and/or utilized; Your responses to any surveys or questionnaires, including your reviews of journeys made through our Platform. We may use this information for analytical purposes and to facilitate the interpretation of user behavior; Information requested during the reporting of a problem you have noticed related to our Platforms and/or service, such as the subject of your customer service request; Location data, provided you have consented to the collection and processing of your location information to respond to searches for journeys available near you; and
The range of information we automatically collect
With each visit to our Platforms – in accordance with applicable laws and, where appropriate, with your consent – we may collect information about the devices and/or networks you use to avail of our services. This may include the following information: your IP address, login details, the type and version of your browser, the types and versions of browser plugins installed, the type of operating system, details related to your visit (including, for example, arrival on our Platforms, navigation within, and the transitions to different web pages of our Platforms
List of used analytical or user data in our App(s)
  1. User IDs
  2. User Name
  3. User Email
  4. User Phone (optional)
  5. Approximate or Precise location (not stored in our server)
  6. Crash logs
  7. Diagnostics
  8. Device ID
  9. Device information

Users can request their data to be deleted from our servers via email ([email protected]) or via chat, or via the settings page. Their data will be deleted in 30 days.

Data retention
We archive your personal data privacy for the duration of the legal relationship with us, and after the retention period has expired. The storage period may vary for different data categories.
1. How do we use the information collected from you? We use the information collected from you for various purposes, such as contract fulfillment, sending marketing materials, measuring the efficiency of our services, as well as improving our customer service activities and customer relations.
2. Who processes the data collected from you and for what purpose? We may share your personal data privacy within the Sharee group, as well as with external business partners and service providers for certain purposes, such as social media connections, marketing, and analytical services. We always comply with applicable data protection regulations and ensure the security of data when sharing.
3. How do we use and moderate your messages? We may check your message exchanges through the platform in certain cases, for example, to prevent fraud and improve services. These messages are not used for commercial or advertising purposes, and we respect the private nature of communication.
4. Targeted advertising and information we send via email and/or text message In accordance with applicable laws and, if necessary, with your consent, we may use the data you provide on our Platforms for direct electronic marketing purposes, such as newsletters, events, and targeted advertisements.
5. Are your data transferred? How and where? Your personal data privacy are stored within the EU, but in certain cases, we may transfer them to third countries. In this case, we apply appropriate security measures, including standard contractual provisions and other legal mechanisms.
6. What rights do you have regarding your personal data privacy? Among other things, you are entitled to access your data, delete, correct, object, restrict, and data portability. To exercise your rights related to the management of your data, please contact our data protection officer.